Friday, October 14, 2011


I am happy when paddle in 1 hour from Woerden to Oudewater. That's 8 km+. Paul Wycherley paddled in 2 and a half hours from Britain to France. That's incredible!

Video and article on BBC Sports.
The English Channel was exceptionally calm on the record day - almost as flat as the channel from Woerden to Oudewater!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

KV Wyrda - 20 jaar!

Yesterday kayakclub Wyrda celebrated its 20th anniversary. Club members and their partners were invited for a program covering the full day. In the morning it started with a guided sight seeing tour in Oudewater. After the lunch we paddled from Oudewater to Woerden with a "apple pie break" at a farm halfway. We finished with a great BBQ at the boathouse.
Thanks to the party committee - Natasha, Paul, Wolter and their helpers for the perfect organisation of this festive day!

Friday, October 07, 2011

An unequal couple on the Lek

Today I toured on the river Lek with René. René paddled the Epic 18X Sport kayak with a Epic Mid Wing paddle. I paddled the Tahe Greenland kayak with a Superior carbon fibre Greenland stick. Seakayak equipment can hardly be more different. It was an unfair "battle" ;-): no way for me to keep up with Rene when he paddled full swing. While I paddled at a decent pace, René was dipping the wing relaxed in the water… Changing the paddles levelled the difference: Greenland kayak with Wing paddle and Epic kayak with Stick were a close match.

I enjoyed a perfect day on the water in good company. The weather was amazing, it changed every 5 minutes: sunny, clowdy, showers. Constant were amazing skies and a strong NW wind (6 Bft.).

Paddled distance 29 km, av. speed 7,2 kmh.