Saturday, March 24, 2012

Biking over the Delta-Works

Biking is (almost?) just as fun as seakayaking. At the moment I spend more time on the bike than in the kayak, which partly explains why it's a bit quit on the weblog. I started blogging about kayaking and don't want to bore the paddlers with my bike-stories to much. But today's bike trip was so "coastal" that I like to share it here.

This morning I took the bike for a ride along the dams and dykes of the Delta-Works. The Delta works is a series of construction projects (mainly) in the southwest of the Netherlands to project the low land from the sea. The works consists of dams sluices, locks, dykes, levees and storm surge barriers. The aim of the project was to shorten the Dutch coastline, thus reducing the numbers of dykes that had to be raised. The first projects were realised in the late fifties of the last century, the final projects were finished only a few years ago. Though some of the fundamental choices made in the Delta Works meanwhile are regretted (there is already a new Delta programme running to prepare the Netherlands for the future), it's still a masterpiece of Delta engineering (According to the American Society of Civil Engineers: one of the Seven wonders of the Modern World). Biking is perfect to experience the huge scale and the exposed location of the project. But also from the kayak perspective the dams are impressive - click here.

Admittedly, the real motive for this bike trip were not the Delta projects (I am busy with the project), but another specialty from the south-west region: the "Zeeuwse Bolussen". Inspired by last Thursday's episode of the Hairy Bikers' Bakeation in the Low Countries (where they visited the bakery of Harry Sonnemans in Burgh Haamstede) I decided to get some fresh Bolussen for the family. Delicious!


Tony said...

Looks like they lowered the sluices in the Haringvlietdam while you were there. Was that for high water or to test they still work?

I visited the delta works also and really enjoyed Neeltje Jans.

Tony :-)

Frank said...


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