Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rolling Classes, Photo Albums, Weblinks and Press releases

Some attendants asked for more pictures of the rolling classes with Freya two weeks ago. I have uploaded some extra photo's to the Picasa webalbum. I discovered a new future of Picasa; clicking on the picture on top of this post gives direct access to the Photo Album.
I am sorry, I haven't got photos of all 52 rollers. And I find it difficult to distinguish the different kayakers in the black tuliuq's...

More reports of this event on the blogs of:
And 93 nice pictures of second Sunday-session in the album of:

It's fun to get so many enthusiast reactions on our first Greenland rolling activity. Guus and Ruud crafted their own Greenland-paddles after the weekend. Yesterday I was at the regular pool-session of the Kayakclub de Kromme Aar, and after a while I had 5 WW- and polokayakers doing butterfly-rolls and hand-rolling in Greenland-style...

I believe it was Heinrich Heine who once said "in the Netherlands everything happens 50 years later". That was more than hundred years ago, and I am sure we came closer to the rest of the world since, but at this Greenland-rolling-thing we are late followers again. Have a look at the blogs of Bonnie, Andrew and Susanita to see what is going on in the pools on the other side of the ocean!


René said...

Hi Hans,

The direct link to the rolling classes on my blog is:

Hans said...

Hello René, I have tried out the code for the direct link, but for some reason it doesn't work...