Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tracklog Rondje Venen

Thanks Paul for sending in the tracklog of the Rondje Venen! Amazing how much information a GPS offers. Speed was mostly above 8 km/h, total distance 39,1 kmh, start 9.02 finish 15.30, two pauses and some short breaks at the sluices. Click on the picture for a bigger view.


bonnie said...

where oh where was that picture of the fellow who thought it would impress the lady if he wore a jellyfish as a hat?

I think he should check out Wenley's blog today!

Hans said...

Hi Bonnie!
Thanks for the hint. I e-mailed Louis (the fellow who...) and posted a comment with a link to the picture at Wenleys Blog.

"Where oh where..." -> starts being my problem too. Suppose I must start to organize my blog. But I am afraid that's a lot of work...