Tuesday, May 26, 2009

High Five Health Promotion - bye, bye ;-(

March - Step Touch - Two Step - Grapevine - Leg Curl - Chazee - V-Pas - X-pas - Travel Knee - Mambo - Mambo Chacha - Six-step - Squat - Lunge - Dribbel - Nelson Tap... Just a few moves of a Total Body Workout -session at Monday.

The last 8 years I enjoyed the luxury of an incompany fitness training-facility at work. Group fitness sessions with illustrious names like the "Total Body Workout, Body Shape, Pilates, Spinning, Bikkelen, Spin-Bikkel" and the killing "15 minutes abdominal-training" (= "het buikspierkwartiertje") have become a welcome (and beloved) addition to my outdoor-sport-activities. I am an addict - a workout a day makes me feel good!

A professional team of trainers from High Five Health Promotion was in charge for the incompany fitness. They did a great job. But in a competitive market contracts are renewed every few years and now my employer has decided to change the Fitness service. I am sad.

Simone, Frans, Edwin, Miranda, Shelley, Linda, Pieter and colleagues - thanks for the good times! I'll miss you ;-(

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