Monday, November 30, 2009

"New" Dutch regulation on transporting loads on car roof

Good news for Dutch (sea)kayakers driving a compact car: Dutch traffic-rules on transporting large loads on a vehicle have changed. Before May 1st, 2009 it wasn't allowed to drive with a long load that sticks out of the front of the car. For an owner of a compact car this made it difficult to transport a 5 meter-plus seakayak on the roof (safe and) legally. According to the new rules long indivisible loads are allowed to protrude the car on front and back side both up to 1 meter. Also the (for kayaks non-realistic) obligation to attach a large red/white sign on the end of the portruding load has vanished.

The new rules have been largely unnoticed. On last weeks' episode of the Dutch TV-program "Blik op de weg" an item was dedicated to this issue. The item starts in the 15th minute of this
streaming video.


René said...

Hi Hans,

That is very good news for me and my small VW-polo.

Finally the perfect excuse to buy myself a seakayak-double or one of those 6,5 m seakayak racing-machines. ;-)


Hans Heupink said...

Hello René!
That's quit a long Polo?! With the new family car I can also transport a kayak up to 6,50 m long - but the boat-house is limiting, kayaks over 5,5 m are crushed by the doors...