Monday, December 28, 2009

Welkom "Bón Biní!" op Curaçao!

There is a Dutch isle with sunshine and 32 degrees Celsius in December.
Today Ryan de Jongh finished a kayak trip of 1600 km in the Dutch Caribbean. He looks quit relaxed on this picture..


COBBER said...

With a average of 72 kilometer a day (1600 km in 22 days). He seems very relaxed. Concidering the waves and wind in that part of the world...

So a koudwater/wintertraining in the tropics would be prefered instead of those cold weather overhere in holland

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...

Here is more:....
.."Ryan de Jongh’s Clear Water Challenge 3 is underway, a 1,606-kilometer paddle from St. Maarten to Curacao in support of Curacao environmental causes, through his own foundation and Carmabi. Ryan set out from St. Maarten on Dec. 5 and island-hopped St. Eustatius to St. Kitts to Montserrat to Guadeloupe to Dominica — facing big seas, wind and rain — before taking a day off in Martinique to rest and resupply. Ryan was apparently in good form despite a little back pain as he continued south to St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The support boat Monsoon lost its dinghy at one point, and after doubling back to search, Ryan rescued it in his kayak (1,616 kilometers?). By Grenada, the exertion had caused minor injuries to Ryan’s shoulder, leg and back, but he was determined to continue. Then the Monsoon lost engine power in Grenada and needed substantial repairs that cost Ryan and the crew several days. On Dec. 21, Ryan set out again for the longest leg of the voyage, 316 kilometers from Grenada to Blanquilla, an island dependency of Venezuela. That’s the last we’ve heard here; we hope Ryan and his crew are okay out there. We’ll update when he arrives in Curacao..."

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Jörgen!
How is paddling in the cold North these days?
JB - thanks for the addition!