Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anglesey – Thursday: Holy Island Circumnavigation

The key to a successful circumnavigation of Holy Island is the passage of Stanley Embankment and Four Miles Bridge: two passages where the tide presses the sea through a ridiculous narrow gap: creating a standing wave and a big stopper in the tunnels. For playboaters it’s a popular playspot. Timing is the trick for a safe passage: cross the inland sea between Stanley embankment and Four Miles bridge at the time of slack water at hight tide. Lesly from Denmark and Walter from the Netherlands joined us today. Timing was perfect: we enjoyed a fast and smooth ride through both tunnels, passed Holyhead Harbour just after the departure of the big Ferries to Ireland and caught the tidal at North stack.

Holy Island Circumnavigation, start/finish at Porth Dafarch, 35 km, Wind SW-W 3-4 Bft.

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