Saturday, November 20, 2010

The first rolls of Lieke: Greenland style

My daughter Lieke made the first rolls this evening in the swimming pool of the Alphense Kanovereniging the Kromme Aar. At the first session a few weeks ago I worked with Lieke on the balace brace, and we finished with a "lightly assisted" butterfly roll. Today, at the second session, Lieke progressed from the buttterfly roll to the standard Greenland roll. The technique needs some finetuning, but the roll is already quit solid. Lieke is a totally different learner compared to her brother Jelle. Jelle is an explosive, agressive hip-flic roller, while Lieke's focus is more on gentle body movements. Jelle first learned the hand-roll and is still convinced a paddle only makes rolling harder...


Anonymous said...

wekunnen de tekst lezen, maar het fllmpje niet bekijken.groetjes van akky en hinke.

Hans Heupink said...

Hoi Akky en Hinke - dat zal waarschijnlijk aan de instellingen liggen van de browser van de Dobbelhof - ik stuur jullie een mailtje met de directe link naar Youtube en het picasa-album.