Monday, June 13, 2011

My return to the sea: rondje Aardappelenbult

Home- and work-situation leave little room for kayaking at sea lately. I still do paddle regularly, but mostly on the placid inland waters around Woerden. So I gladly took the opportunity for a paddle with Govert in the Voordelta on Whit Monday. Circumnavigating the Aardappelenbult (a large sandbank a.k.a. "de Bollen van de Ooster") with 5-6 Bft SW brought the salt-water feeling back.

We rounded the Aardappelenbult clockwise. The time schedule was more driven by comfort (returning in time for dinner) than by taking best benefit of the tides: we paddled 2 thirds of the route against the current and wind - a nice workout :-).

Since 2008 the Aardappelenbult is a closed zone. Navigation around the Aardappelenbult has become simple with dozens of marker buoys around the resting zone. It's only a bit difficult on the water to identify where exactly the part of the resting zone begins where kayakers and windsurfers are (by exception) allowed (= the Northern tip of the resting zone, shadowed on the map). Strangely this zone is not marked by any special signs - find your position by taking a bearing on the lighthouse.

28 km, 5/6 Bft SW, HW Vlissingen 12.30 uur.

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