Tuesday, September 06, 2011

DVD Greenland Rolling with Dubside and Maligiaq - Part 2

Freya Hoffmeister introduced me in the world of Greenland Style kayak-rolling on Spiekeroog in May 2006. After Freya's introduction I learned the several variations of the layback and forward ending Greenland Competition rolls from Dubside's DVD "Greenland Rolling with Dubside - Volume 1". It's a simple and straightforward DVD, but Dubside's instructions and hints are brilliant. With this excellent "virtual"coach it didn't take long before I mastered most of the rolls of the DVD. I was looking forward for the next step - and waiting for Volume 2 of the DVD that promised to cover the more advanced rolls. Alas: Volume 2 of Dubside's DVD never appeared ;-).

But now there is something even better: the University of Sea Kayaking (USK) of Wayne Horodowich recently released 2 new rolling DVD's: Greenland Rolling with Dubside and Maligiaq - Part 1&2. Together these DVD's cover all 35 rolls of the Greenland championships. I received a copy of part 2 last week. The USK DVD offers the same excellent instructions by Dubside's, in a more professional package with higher quality film-work. Highly recommended!

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Mike J said...

I agree Hans. The new DVDs are great