Sunday, July 16, 2006

Paddler's Paradise

Original cover of the Single: Another Day in Paradise, Phil Collins
from the Album ...But Seriously, Virgin Records 1989

I do admit that “Maintenance” isn’t my strongest competence. My attention is -above all- attracted by new topics and I -to often- tend to neglect the older ones. In Blogger it’s the same: I prefer to write a new post and forget to update the template. So it took a long time before I did some highly necessary updates on the bloglist: Some URL’s didn’t work anymore and there are so many new interesting seakayak-blogs I want to share with you.

All the blogs in the new bloglist are written in English, with one exception: the blog of Eric and Pia. I don’t understand a word Swedish, but I like this perfect styled blog. Eric is a great photographer. It’s always a pleasure to look at his great kayak-pictures of the overwhelming Swedish coast. Note the camp sites! No problems with the authorities and camping-prohibitions in Sweden, but the Scandinavian allemansratten instead. Sweden must be paddler’s paradise!
Speaking about paradise: there must also be something special with Wisconsin-US: it’s striking how many enthusiastic kayakersbloggers are found in that region!

In the Dutch seakayak scene l know only one other weblogger blogging in English: Rene. Rene has built the website "de Zeekajaksite" with dozens of extensive reviews of seakayaks. Mostly in Dutch, but recently he published the test of the new Svestvika completely in English. Take a look at the test and enjoy the fantastic pictures of Rene paddling the Svestvika in surf ;-).

More changing URL’s: the website of the Dutch Kayak Association is restyled lately and with this operation many old URL’s disappeared. The site of the Seakayak Committee (with the program of tours and courses) now can be found at . It’s a temporary arrangement in the transition to a future integration in the new NKB-style.


Erik said...

And yes, we have a paradise for paddlers in sweden. And in norway to. A lot of nice archipelagos with great camping spots and in some areas hardly no people.

And by the way; Pia has taken a lot of the photographs at

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin does have some great rivers!!

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