Thursday, October 12, 2006

London is the place to be!

"Penang in dry dock", picture by Westwood 1932, Collection British National Maritime Museum

This evening I booked the ferry and a hotel in London. I am going to spend some days with the kids in London in Dutch Autumn School Holiday. Now I am up to plan what we are going to do. Science Museum, Tates Gallery, Docklands, Harrods, Buckingham palace are some first ideas. Although the Thames is very attracting, this is not the occasion for kayaking...
But a visit of London isn’t complete with some maritime elements? HMS Belfast, and perhaps there are some kayaks in the National Maritime Museum??
Suggestions are welcome!

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Wenley said...


The National Army Museum keeps collections of British uniforms since the redcoat through Napoleonic wars and more. I plant to visit it myself on my next trip to London and snatch a dragoon's helmet with a mane of horse hair. For surfing, you know:

Have delirious fun!