Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Home again! Pictures from Nord Friesland

Bernhard in his fantastic Rockpool Alaw Bach (but the colour... ;-)

I just returned from four days paddling along the German Nordfriesische Inseln. It was a very long ride by car today: 7 hours! I never realised Nord Friesland is that far away: 1400 km's driving for 100 km's paddling. Usually I am not very fond of car-driving, but this was worth the trouble! I enjoyed every minute of this trip!

The invitation for this kayak-trip came from Bernhard Hillejan. He planned to do a multiple day trip along the outer sands of the Nordfriesian region, but due to the weather plans changed and we visited Amrum and the Halligen instead. That’s part of seakayaking: living day by day and weather (wind) dominates your route.

When I have some more time (and rest) I write a report and some reflections on this trip. Before that you can click here for a photo-impression. Thanks to Bernard, Mathias, Anke, Antje, Dirk, Guido, Jean-Luc, Silke for a great time!

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