Saturday, November 11, 2006

Love and hate, computers

Information: everywhere, anytime: the blessings of the digital world are countless. Thanks to Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and all the others! Even seakayak-sport got a new dimension with access to the web. (Web-) blogging, mailing with kayak-friends all over the world (the seakayak-bloglist is growing fast), surfing the web for kayak- information, on line-information about tides, waves, weather: I spent quit a lot of time of kayak-related computing. Mostly I take a pleasure in it, but sometimes….
Last night I cursed this ICT-thing. Updating a laptop with Windows Office Pro, trouble shooting after synchronising a Pocket-PC with the webserver at work: it took all night. And after a long quest along the inscrutable paths of Windows and co, my friend Blogger gave me the final blow.
I signed the Kajakwoerden-blog up to Blogger Beta, used an existing Google-account, changed the colours of the template of this blog, all worked fine until Blogger Beta refused to give me access to my own blog. Hours of puzzling with login codes followed. I should have gone sleeping. Finally it works again (but I still don’t manage to personalize the templates of Blogger with my own pictures).

Back to one of the more pleasant themes: the weather forecast for Sunday. It promises a challenging sea-state for tomorrows’ kayak-adventure with Guus!

Dutch Coastal waters
The weatherforecast for Netherlands coastal waters and adjacent lakes and estuaries
Issued: 11 november 2006 19:22 UTC

A warning to shipping:
Flushing Hook of Holland IJmuiden Texel Rottum Delfzijl Harlingen
west 8

Low over the Norwegian Sea slowly moving east. Ridge west of Ireland later expected over the North Sea.

Forecast valid from 18:00 to 06:00 UTC:
Flushing Hook of Holland
west veering northwest 7-8,occasional showers possibly with hail, visibility good, in showers moderate

Forecast valid from 06:00 to 18:00 UTC:
Flushing Hook of Holland IJmuiden
northwest 7-8 decreasing 5-6,occasional showers, visibility good, in showers moderate

Sounds like fun!


derrick said...

Yikes, I keep seeing that "You're new blogger is ready" and I'm afraid to hit the button. . .

Hans said...

Hi Derrick!
Yikes, indeed. Just be carefull with that button. It brings along a lot of work...