Monday, August 20, 2007

Czech souvenirs

The kids are showing our souvenirs from the Czech republic. Lieke has chosen the little bell herself (all young girls love Delfts Blue pottery - all over the world? ;-), the helmet Jelle shows is chosen by his dad. Poor Jelle...

Hiko is a Czech brand of kayak-gear. The Hiko helmet however is produced in Italy (the little bell probably in China).
Hiko says about the "Right Choice and Usage of Helmets":

No paddler should practice on white water (even if it is less difficult) without a helmet. Sudden blow to your head with the risk of fainting under the water gives you a one-way ticket to the hospital or directly to the cemetery.

Choose the helmet according to your requirements and conception. For more difficult conditions we recommend Full Cap, a closed helmet that covers ears and scruff. For less difficult conditions and racing tracks with professional first aid at hand Short Cap is suitable.

Choose the proper size carefully, if needed adjust it so that it fits tight to your head. A helmet that is too big will slip off your head in most extreme situations, too tight one will press and make you feel uncomfortable.

I totally agree. And just want to add that a helmet is also good for the seakayaker: e.g. playing in surf, and tidal races, when performing rescues in rougher circumstances. A helmet is compulsory in all the NKB-courses for seakayaking. It doesn't need to be a fancy, high tech, full carbon one: a basic one like this Hiko helmet will do. Most important is a good and comfortable fit: the best helmet is of no use when you leave it on your back-deck because it's not comfortable...

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