Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Smurfday!

The Smurfs celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2008, and UNICEF is involved. Hundreds of white plastic Smurfs, just 20cm high, will be scattered in selected European cities for children to decorate. The plastic Smurfs will be laid down overnight - waiting at the bus stop, playing around the fountain, at the schoolyard – and kids will be able to pick them up in the morning. For those who miss the secret Smurf drop, others will be for sale from UNICEF, where the proceeds will help the children's fund.
The 2008 Smurf invasion will be accompanied by a travelling ‘Smurf Anniversary Exhibition’, telling the story of the Smurfs, with more than 50 “Smurfy games” for the younger fans, a Smurf Zeppelin and bigger, 1.20m Smurf statues that will be decorated by celebrity artists. Last week the Smurfs invaded

The Kayak-smurf is a pretty indispensable piece of kit for kayak coaches. A collection of Smurfs is a welcome help when instructing on land about items like group-positioning, traffic rules and so on. But why does the little friend always look so scared?
Some people shout "Smurf" at me when I am heading through the streets of Woerden on the way to the kayak-club, dressed in my sky blue Drysuit and with a soft conical winter-cap on the head. I suppose that's an expression of great respect?
More serious news about the 50th anniversary of Peyo's creature in the Volkskrant (with video).

1 comment:

COBBER said...

GoodSmurfing Hans,

As you can Smurf, they are already long time under the people.
In Hawaii they had the SurfSmurf and he became national champion long time ago.

As Smurfs also want to explore new horizons, it logic they now choose Seakayaking.
They are now joining the SCU(SmurfCanoeUnion) programme and the first 5 (Smurf)star is already given.

Hope one day I can paddle with Smurfin (the female smurf)I am in love with her. I will take her to the end of the Horizon....