Friday, February 08, 2008


Picture in NRC-Next, 4 February 2008 by Walter Herfst.

It's old news, but as I was clearing away last weeks newspapers, I was once more struck by the fascinating image of the grounded Chines freighter "Zhen Hua 10". It's hard to believe that a vessel loaded like this can stay upright at all. It made all the way from China to it's destination in Rotterdam, and stranded in sight of the harbour last Saturday (location = near the beach where the Hinderplaat-paddle-trip in November started).

Several attempts to bring the vessel afloat failed. A third tug-boat came over from Hamburg to help. After three days the tug-boats finally succeeded to free the vessel at high tide. The story ended up with an old-style "proud Dutch seaman"-news-item on Television. In the interview the employee of the Dutch towing company declared this job to be a "business as usual, nothing special". The Chinese captain however, a humble person - visible impressed by what happened, declared that sailing a vessel loaded like this was no pleasure at all - it could hardly make speed against the wind, his story sounded more like "once, but never again".

I don't like big deck-loads on my kayak either...

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DaveO said...

Thats an unbelievable load! I agree with the comment about stuff cluttering your kayak deck. It kind of reminds me of those photos of Asian motorcycles with an entire family and belongings packed on them.