Thursday, March 13, 2008

The day after (the storm)...

As far as I know: no stranded vessels on the Dutch beaches this time. The fishing boat on the boulevard of Scheveningen is put there years ago as a decoration referring to the rich fisherman's tradition of this part of The Hague.
Today I had a work related "heissessie" in the Carlton Beach hotel in Scheveningen. "Hei(de)" means "uncultivated land with sandy soil and scrubby vegetation", but a "hei-session" has nothing to do with rural sites and uncultivated land (alas!) - it's just the idea to work on a remote place with a couple of colleagues - in order not to be disturbed by daily questions - and in this way to work in a short session intense and effective.
When I arrived at the Beach Hotel early this morning it was high tide. Storm had gone, only a breeze was left. Due to yeserday's wind surf was fantastic: a clear zone with breakers up to 1-2 meters high rolling out on the beach - a kayaker's dream. This is the surf I wished we had in Wangerooge last weekend. But today no kayak but work instead: in a conference room with a view on the sea. Life can be so cruel.
(Life ain't to bad either - I enjoyed a extensive walk along the beach during lunchtime (but at that time (near Low tide) surf had no power any more).

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