Saturday, March 29, 2008

AKV Speed rolling competition

It's a good tradition of Kayak club de Kromme Aar to make open house of the last pool session of the season. Everybody is invited to have a look at the kayak activities and to go for a swim in one of the pools. Part of the festivities is an open rolling contest. And despite the fact that I am not a very competition-driven person I can't resist to compete and feel obliged to protect the reputation of the Kayakclub Wyrda from Woerden! a heavy burden is resting on my shoulders!

The competition is about who manages to do most rolls in 60 seconds: no hand rolls, but rolls with a paddle. The record was set in 2005: 21 rolls. A lot of rollers have come close to this record, but until this year no-one equalled it since. Crucial in this competition is not to collide with the sides of the swimming-pool - in speed rolling it's hard to stay in place and the pool isn't very big. Repositioning makes the difference between winning and loosing.

With 18 rolls I was second in the category of the veterans: aged 41+. I was a bit disappointed, I should have done better: now I was beaten by my friend Patrick from kayakclub Natsec - who managed 19 rolls. To my relief Patrick was competing in another category: the senior-class in which he became third ;-) We were both beaten by the juniors Tijmen, Nico ( Kayakclub de Ronde Venen) and Tom and Fred (Kayakclub de Kromme Aar) who did all a very impressive 21 rolls!
Congratulations! (But beware: next year I come back and then I will be prepared!!)

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