Sunday, April 20, 2008

Haantje de voorste?

"Every organism is looking for other organisms to survive, the same applies to man and chicken" - Koen Vanmechelen.

Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen makes iconoclastic sculpture, paintings, glasswork and installations. His daring expeditions into contemporary science, philosophy and ethics have resulted into several internationally acclaimed projects. Most known is The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (TCCP), a vast attempt to create and manipulate scores of chicken breeds from whole over the world into a new species, a universal chicken or Superbastard. Four subprojects constitute the TCCP: Virtual crossing, Experimental crossing, The Walking Egg and The Accident, Chronicles of The Cosmopolitan Chicken.

Every relationship needs maintenance. Living with a sporty, but non-kayaking partner (Janine is a long distance runner) a non sporting retreat once in a while is obliged. This weekend Janine and I booked a culinary arrangement in a hotel in Berg en Dal, near Nijmegen. Saturday we visited the Museum for archaeology and contemporary art "Het Valkhof" - with the exposition of Koen Vanmechelen's chicken project. Sunday we did a leisurely walk, first through the woods near Berg en Dal, than along the river de Waal.
A little secret: the sight of the mighty river - flowing fast with a lot of traffic, did remind me of: kayaking... Sorry Janine!

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