Thursday, April 03, 2008

Countdown for Jörgen!

It's better counting the hours than the days before Jörgen starts his 4000 kilometre-kayak-adventure across the heart of Europe, from the Netherlands to Moldova. Jörgen isn't only putting himself to the test, he also wants to attract attention and to raise funds for the work of Dr. Rob van Oort. Dr. Rob van Oort is an expert in the field of Maxillofacial Prosthetics who is setting up a clinic in Chisinau to help the people of Moldava with congenital or acquired oral and facial defects. Read more about Jörgen's goals in the dedicated Smiles for Moldova website.

The first time I met Jörgen was when he participated in the ZV-group (=BCU-4* level) I coached at the Vlieland-week in 2005. Since then I enjoyed his company on several seakayak-activities in the Netherlands and Germany. I remember Jörgen telling us, already in that first week back in 2005, about his dream to make a world-tour by kayak. In two days this dream comes through! That's Jörgen: not a dreamer, a tough worker! Succes Jörgen!

Jörgen starts his expedition next Saturday with a farewell party near the "Paterswoldse Meer" in Groningen. The sponsortrek gets good press attention and is also covered by

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COBBER said...

hello Hans,

Well time is travelling fast...
and Saturday is in the wink of an eye.

I always try to make my dreams come true:
Spending a long time in Ireland, Australia and a few years in the tropics of the Philippines.
Everybody can do it.
Stop dreaming, plan a miracle...and before you know we are again in another Scene of life.
Moldova is another chapter...another dream.

Thanks for everything, you learned me a lot about safety and also about other kayak related stuff.
So i will use it on the way.

Regards Jörgen