Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beheerplan Voordelta - new rules for seakayaking

Over the past two years I have regularly written about the upcoming new rules for human activities in the Voordelta and the consequences of these rules for seakayaking in this popular stretch of the North-sea coast (near the isles of the Dutch provinces Zuid-Holland and Zeeland).
Some previous post on this topic:
Some weeks ago the authorities have published the final decree: het Beheerplan Voordelta. On the dedicated website of Rijkswaterstaat you can find all the official documents. The last decree is still open for appellate review and on some preliminary decisions the procedures in court aren't finished yet - nevertheless: legally the new rules are already in force. In the next months information signs will be placed on location and the closed zones will be marked by buoys.

The kayak relevant parts of the final decree are unchanged in relation to the drafts I referred to before. The new rules result from a good and intense contact between the authorities and the Dutch kayak-associations. It's a fact that freedom of movement for seakayakers in the Voordelta is reduced. But I do emphasize that the interests of the kayakers have really been taken in account and that the new rules still offer attractive opportunities for seakayaking-activities in the magnificent nature reserve of the Voordelta.

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