Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tracklog Voordelta - Google Earth

Thanks to Paul and Guus: hereby the tracklog of the Voordelta trip on November, 4th. (Click on the pictures for more detailed views). Paul converted the tracklogs to Google Earth's standard, which is great: I love Google Earth! It offers many features to analyze a track and some great gimmicks: the "flight mode" is awesome, especially with the superb detailed images of this region.
The red balloons (A-I) indicate the buoys of the test-site. The yellow track is of Govert's group, the blue is of my group, we started 15 minutes later. As you can see we paddled closer to the buoys (on special request of our guest from the Department of Traffic and Watermanagement). Because we tried to avoid bigger waves with the double kayak, our course was less straight on: you won't say it when you look on the image, but the blue track is actually longer (26,5 km) than the yellow one (24,6 km) - probably due to all the little corrections.

The track on the nautical Chart is a trip in this region last year. It's interesting to compare the impression of the sands on the nautical charts with the satellite picture of Google Earth. Google Earth is far more detailed.

The location of the new closed zone ("rustgebied") of the Hinderplaat. Our route passed along the buoys that roughly indicate the seaside border of the future "rustgebied" - the new rules for the Voordelta will be introduced next year.

A Google Earth view in 2050? This idea of a giant land reclamation project is presented last week by the Innovation Centre of Dutch Government. It's inspirered by projects Dutch Contractors are realizing in Dubai. The tulip will sure offer some amazing new kayak-routes.

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