Saturday, October 25, 2008

M. Rectus Abdominis? - NKB Update training for coaches

On the update training for NKB canoe and kayakcoaches Janine Moeken gave a lecture on kayak-relevant muscles of the human body. Janine is graduated on Human Movement Science and a talented flat water kayak racer (former member of the Dutch National Selection). The coaches were - after a short introduction on the human body (exploded views) - tested on their knowledge of the anatomics of the kayaker in medical Latin definitions. And they received practical advise on muscle training and injury prevention.
Let's share my favourite quotes:
  1. "Train your weaknesses, not (only) your strengths";
  2. "Strength training" (in the fitness room): preferable are those exercises for muscles working together in functional groups. Most injuries are related to (over)training isolated muscle-groups!

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