Friday, February 27, 2009

A drizzling day

I planned a workout on the bike this morning, but as I put it out of the garage it was drizzling. As I didn't feel like cleaning the bike again this afternoon, I postponed the bike-workout and went to the boathouse of KV Wyrda to paddle. Biking is for tomorrow - the weekend is going to be dry? I hope so!

I played around with the new camera and checked speed differences between Wing-paddling and the standard Euro-blade with the GPS. Resulting in some "utterly useless information":

Distances from Kayakclub KV Wyrda Woerden:
Groepenbrug/Limesbrug: 3 km;
Putkop: 6 km;
Hofbrug: 7 km;
Harmelen (Haanwijkersluis): 7,5 km (single route).

Not surprising: the wing paddle is more efficient than a traditional euro-blade - average touring speed in a seakayak proves to be about 5-10 % higher with the Wing.

The reconstruction of Haanwijkersluis is delayed, it doesn't look like the work will be finished in April. Passage from Woerden to Utrecht - a portage - is awkward. Due to the construction works it's hardly manageable for one person alone with a kayak.

Update March, 1st.
It was a good decision to put off biking till the weekend: Saturday was dry and Sunday was just like spring: biked in shorts today, the legs exposed to sunshine for the first time of the year! (sorry for the milk-bottles ;-)

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