Friday, February 20, 2009

"Solo - Lost at sea" on BBC2 next Sunday

Next Sunday, Feb. 22th, 22.00 (Continental Time GMT+1) on BBC2 "Solo - Lost at sea" the National Geographic documentary about Andrew McAuleys' tragically ended crossing of the Tasman Sea last year will be broadcast. Last year the documentary was announced on National Geographic, but it didn't appear in the Dutch schedules of NG.


Susanne said...

Saw the documentary. Tragic story. Scary too.



Hans Heupink said...

Hi Suus!
I knew a lot of details about the tragic story of Andrews' expedition, but I was impressed and touched by the documentary too. Expeditions like these are beyond imagination...

COBBER said...

Well offcourse it's sad and tragic for the family.
I always say: A zero or a Hero. With these expeditions there is nothing in between.

Problem is that he is missing. This kind of "death" is and will be a difficulty for the ones close to him. Not able for his kid to have a normal conversation about a flat tire or what so ever.

Still he was doing what he did like the most: Adventure in harsh conditions.

Hans Heupink said...

The documentary on BBC led to an intensive debate about Andrews' expedition on the British kayak-discussion-board:

Sara said...

Has anyone got DVD of this documentary please?