Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally: Surf!

René, Anoushka and Annet (hard to find...)

First Anoushka sent me pictures of the surf session I missed last week. A few days later she sent a mail with this quote:
"It won't be like last Sunday. But like next Sunday it will never be again too! Meet you Sunday at 3PM at the beach of Castricum aan Zee."

I couldn't resist this invitation and joint a select group paddlers of KV Uitgeest this afternoon. Axel was also present with the new Mega Neutron surfkayak. René came with the Cetus seakayak to test in surf conditions. I paddled the Perception SPARC and had a hard job getting this low volume ww-kayak through dumping surf - impressive waves, up to 6 feet... And Anoushka showed all of us what surf-paddling is up. Thanks for this great workout!

Wieger. What's missing in this picture?

More pictures in the Picasa Webalbum. All pictures are taken with the Olympus Tough 6000 WP-camera, just returned from Olympus Service Center. I must say Olympus Netherlands' aftersales service works perfect, fast and adequate. It's only a pity it's that often needed with this camera...

KNMI Weerbericht voor zondag, 11-10-09:
..“De zuidwest- tot westenwind trekt aan en wordt boven land matig tot vrij krachtig, 4 a 5 en aan de kust en op het IJsselmeer krachtig tot hard, kracht 6 a 7.Tegen de avond draait de wind naar noordwest.”..

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