Sunday, October 04, 2009

(Wind)surfing on the Westeinderplas

It has been a time ago since the last time this weblog was updated. Main reason is I am suffering a little "kanodip" lately. A "kanodip" is a periodical lack of motivation concerning kayak-related activities ("in een dip zitten" is a Dutch expression meaning: "to go through a bad patch"). Don't worry: it's not dramatic - it's temporary by definition. This particular kanodip concerns more the fuzz around kayaking, than the activity in itself. As I discovered earlier, the best therapy to recover from a kanodip is to go out paddling and to enjoy the outdoors. So Hester did a good thing for me when she invited me for a day kayaking with the Wageningse Kanovereniging WKV ;-)

Kaat and Theo were in charge for organising todays' activity of the WKV. Planned was to play in the surf at the beach near Langevelderslag (Dutch North Sea coast). But after a stormy Saturday (wind 7-8 Bft., waves up to 6 meters high on the Northsea...) Kaat and Theo wisely decided to change plans and to paddle on an inland-location: the Westeinderplassen. The wind created nice waves to surf with a following wind over this stretch of 6 km open water. Perfect conditions for experimenting with stern rudders and edging the kayak.
I was really pampered today, my friends from Wageningen even came to Woerden to collect me with my kayak at the doorstep of my home. Thanks guys, I enjoyed a perfect paddling-day in great company!

Paddled distance 21 km, max speed 15 km/h.

More pictures in the Picasa webalbum. The Olympus Waterproof camera is in repair (again...) - today's pictures are made with the much more responsive and robust old Sony Waterproof camera. Downside of the Sony camera is that it lacks a lens cover - quit a lot of todays' pictures are blurred because of water-drops on the lens. I can't blame the camera for that - I shouldn't be rolling when I want to make pictures...

Met WKV op de Westeinder Plas


Kaat said...

Hans! Had je ooit gedacht dat het Westeinde zulke leuke golven kon produceren? Met diepe dipjes en hoge piekjes.
De foto's zien er spannend uit - en wat is iedereen opgewekt!

René said...

Hi Hans,

You know what: also at saterday there were nice waves in Holland with 7-8Bft.

I went paddling the Hoornse Hop (IJsselmeer) and met near the headland between Hoorn and Wijdenes steep waves of up to 2 meters. exciting ;-) Especially when one footbrace disappeared out of reach of my foot.
No time for whatever "dips" then.