Friday, May 28, 2010

Ready for the Alps?

I neglected blogging a bit lately. This is partly because my current focus is a more on biking than on kayaking. In just over a week I'll go the French Alps for a road-bike-holiday with a group of sportive colleagues. I am looking forward to the little break in the busy days. It's a relaxed idea to have some days of. On the other hand, I do feel some tension: although this biking-event is purely recreational, I must admit being a little bit eager to perform ;-) I don't want to lag behind the group climbing the mountain roads. I also want to perform a decent time on the time trail on the Dutch Mountain: the Alpe d'Huez. That's one of the reasons I have spent more time on the bike than in the kayak during the past weeks. (The dominant reason for biking is I enjoy every moment with my good biking friends Linda (on the road-bike) and Alex (on the MTB)!).

I can't tell if all this biking is a truly effective preparation. We biked on the bigger humps nearby to do some climbing: at first glance the tracklog-profile looks impressive. But on the second look it's ridiculous: the highest point is just about 60 meters high (de Amerongse Berg). That's what we call a mountain here: You're biking down before you've even noticed you were climbing...

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