Thursday, June 03, 2010

Voordelta: 80 new information panels for 16 million people

Last week I was invited for the official inauguration of the new information panels in the Voordelta. On 80 different locations in the Voordelta brand new information panels now offer the visitor information about the characteristics of this unique natural habitat and about the regulations. The maps look good and the text is clear. They are no substitute for a nautical map (to navigate), but the information panels offer a (far more) detailed overview of the restricted area's and do also explain in detail about the rules in force for every part of this area.

The now finished project with the information panels was one of the final steps in the implementation of the "beheerplan Voordelta". I've written about the impact the new rules have for seakayaking in this area 2 years ago - click here. The Dutch seakayak-associations were consulted and the interests of the seakayakers are really taken in account: compared to the situation some years ago there are restrictions, but the Voordelta still is a very attractive area for seakayaking!

8o new signs: it's a lot. The necessity to illustrates how crowded the Netherlands are: 16 million people living here. In 1995 Guus Meeuwis sang his song about a relaxed and tolerant Dutch society: "15 million people living on a tiny strip of earth". Much has changed since then: we've lost our innocence...

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kayakkaat said...

Is it our innocence which we've lost? We've lost our individual privacy. There are just too many organisations breathing down our collective necks in the hope of controlling as much of our actions as possible. Sound reactionary? Just start counting the number of security camera's you run into everyday.