Friday, April 29, 2011

Greenland Rolling demo at the Costa Brava

Lars made this nice video of the rolling demo at the Pagaia Symposium in Llanca, 2 weeks ago. The demo was a very international happening: Speaker was Doug van Doren from the States, the rollers were Lars and Bernhard from Germany, Marc from Catalonia, Manolo from Galicia and Hans from the Netherlands.
It was fun to do. I had some slight reserves about doing a demo for public with a borrowed kayak (I had tried the kayak I was rolling in only in the 5 minutes direct before the demo started...). But the kayak worked fine - "don't blame your kayak" - I could only blame myself that in the hurry I had forgotten to put on my PFD. I wasn't dressed in a tuiliq but in a drysuit, and for the more tricky hand-rolls I find the extra flotation of a tuiliq or PFD welcome.

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