Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Royal Weekend - The Anglesey Weekend

With the "Wedding of the century" on Friday and "Koninginnedag" on Saturday it was hard to avoid the royals this weekend. I missed the live coverage of Kate and Williams' wedding because I was biking. But in the days before even the Dutch papers were loaded with articles about the Wedding. Amazingly there was quit a lot of attention to the Isle of Anglesey as the residence of Kate and William.
Meanwhile the seakayaking community gathered at Anglesey for the Sea Kayak Symposium organized this weekend by Nigel Dennis, Seakayaking UK. Anglesey was probably the best place in Britain to avoid the bustle of the Wedding this weekend.
Anyway: according to the article in the Volkskrant you have the best chance to meet William at Anglesey in a rescue operation: Prince William is based at RAF Valley as a Sea King search and rescue pilot. Well: he won't fly rescue operations this weekend.

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