Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Axel and Nico launching and

pictures by Gert Grobben, used by kind permission of

Axel Schoevers and Nico Middelkoop are not only two highly certified sea kayak instructors holding Dutch (NKB), English (BCU) and American (ACA) coaching qualifications. They are also nice guys! It's always a pleasure to meet them on the water, or to talk kayak (and more) with them. I have learned a lot from both. Axel for example, has lead me some years ago to the tidal waters around Anglesey, my first seakayak experience outside the Netherlands. Nico was a serious and dedicated coach for the practical part of my own training for NKB-sea instructor.

In 2003 Axel and Nico paddled around the Netherlands: 1241 km in 28 days! Such an expedition sure is a big test for partnership. Axel and Nico proved to be able to work very good together. Not only on the expedition, but also on business level: they do the Dutch retail for Nigel Dennis Kayaks. And now they have joined their forces in sea kayak instruction and guiding. Axel and Nico recently started two Dutch firms: and This is a very welcome addition to the Dutch sea kayaking scene. I do wish Axel and Nico lots of success in their professional co-operation!

The websites for and are still under construction, but already worth a visit. The Dutch version now offers the most information. For Dutch seakayakers interesting is the scheme Axel made of the NKB sea kayak qualifications with a comparison to the BCU system. offers from the start a complete (and world wide) program of trips and courses. They even offer a trip in Alaska... I wish a year had 500 days (it would still not be enough!).
Still in the air is Axel's personal website. Here you can find lot's of information about seakayaking in general (often in Dutch), trip reports (recent posts mostly in English) and great pictures -> even some pictures with me (Anglesey 2003)!

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