Sunday, February 05, 2006

A drizzling day around Tiengemeten

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This is supposed to be a kayaking blog, so after stories on conferences, building sites and biking it is just about time to do a post on the real thing again. Though the weather is not too inviting lately, doing a kayaking tour with friends is a nice way of spending your day. Regarding the number of interests for the tour I planned today, I was not the only person thinking so.

Nico, Jan, Guus, Kaat, David, Gerrit, Reinier and Dick joined on the tour around the island Tiengemeten. Tiengemeten is an island of 1000 hectares in the Haringvliet estuary. Land use of the island was -until five years ago- mainly agricultural, but now the farmers are gone and it's changing in an unique nature reserve. But as it was drizzling all day, we could hardly see anything of the natural beauty. Sometimes sight was less than 100 metres. Nevertheless we enjoyed being outdoors. As David did some sculling and rolling exercises in the cold water (2 degrees Celsius) at the end of our tour, I also couldn't resist a roll. Very refreshing indeed! We really appreciated the warm and cozy canteen of the Yacht Club Hitsertse Kade.

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On the site of the Alphense Kanovereniging you can read Reinier's report of the trip (in Dutch).

22 km, watertemp. 2 'C, luchttemp. 5 'C, wind (later) 3 Bft. NW Posted by Picasa

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Ok Hans, thanks a lot for the nice pictures. See you tomorrow, Gus