Monday, March 20, 2006

GPS track of the Voordelta trip

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Peter mailed this GPS-plot of Sunday's kayak trip. Thank you Peter! Now I can complete the statistics of the trip.
Peter has developed a softwaretool for planning kayak trips on tidal waters. It is called Seakayak Navigator and it offers the possibility to plan your kayaktrip on the PC. Seakayak Navigator also interacts with a GPS, so you can exchange waypoints, routes and tracks. Let me know when you are interested, I will contact you to Peter. In the next edition of "de Mededelingen" (the magazine of the Dutch NKB-seakayakgroup) an article of Peter on GPS navigation is published.

statistics NKB kayaktrip ZH-Voordelta:
19 maart 2006
LW Haringvlietsluizen 10.29 uur
HW Haringvlietsluizen 17.16 uur
departure 10.30 uur
break 12.15-12.40 uur
finish 15.45 uur
total distance: 18.2 nautical miles - 34 km
av. speed: 3.8 knots - 7 km/h
wind: 3-4 Bft N -> NE
temperature: 4 "Celsius
watertemperature: 3 "Celsius

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