Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Pintail - II

Atlantic Kayak Tours: Take an Anas Acuta, round off the chines and add a bit of beam for stability, and you have a Pintail. It fits a larger paddler than the Anas Acuta, but does not track as well as the Anas (which is also not known for tracking). It turns so easily, some people call it the Pin Wheel! In the hands of a good paddler, there may not be a more fun kayak to paddle.
The Pintail is a good day-paddling, surfing, rock garden kayak, but large enough to camp from. Everyone should try paddling the Pintail. It'll show you where your paddling skills stand, and help develop better skills. Paddlers sometimes forget that kayaking should be fun, but the Pintail will remind good paddlers how much fun they can have. The Pintail is a unique kayak in a field of copycat designs. It deserves more attention.

VCP Says: The Pintail is based on the classical lines of the Igolorssuit Kayaks, but with rounded bilge hull sections to produce a good boat for lighter loads, lighter paddlers, and shorter trips. It is a rough weather boat with minimum windage. This is one of our most popular designs due to its maneuverability, low windage and ease of paddling. It appeals to many kayakers who want to do either easy cruising with a lightweight, quick and stable boat, or those kayakers who use ocean waves, surf, rock gardens and sea caves as their playgrounds. Available with two cockpit sizes: keyhole and ocean.

Hans: Very happy with the new kayak! I have tried it out today in company of Guus. It's a lively boat, rolls very good, fun to paddle indeed. I have no problem with the tracking so far. And it's so beautiful with its sleek traditional lines!
When we came back to Woerden I didn't bring it to the boathouse immediately, but -as Janine and the kids were not at home - used the opportunity and put in the living room first. I made myself a cup of tea and enjoyed looking at the new toy, dreaming on...

Vital statistics of the Valley Pintail:
Heavy-duty diolene reinforced construction
Outside fiberglass seams
Three Watertight fiberglass bulkheads
Watertight VCP hatches (two round 7.5" and oval 16 x 9")
Recessed deck fittings
Deck lines and bungie cords
Compass recess
Yakima foot braces
Dimensions: 17'2" long and 22" wide
Weight: 52 lbs.
Ocean Cockpit 20" x 15.5"


Anonymous said...

when the family is not at home ....
everything is possible

janine en the kids

Anonymous said...

dream well this night

derrick said...

fun surf boat too. . .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with your new kayak.
I am interessed in your experiencies.