Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Handy Hint: compass on the hatch cover

On special request of Jörgen, today a post about the "compass on the hatch-cover". Two of my previous seakayaks, the Meridian and the Svalbard, didn't have a factory fitted recess on the deck for a compass. I didn't like to cut holes in a virginal gel-coated polyester deck, so I bolted a Silva 85 compass (= Nexus 85R Marine) on the cover of the front hatch: a simple but effective solution. In the beginning I was afraid this position was to exposed for damage, but in over 6 years of intensive use, I never had any problem with that. Advantage of the Silva 85 is that it is a lot bigger and -with larger numbers- it is easier to read than the (mostly on seakayaks used) compasses of the Silva 70-series.

Mounting the compass is easy: the rubber of the VCP-hatches fits tight around the bolts so there won’t be any leakage. Be sure to use non-iron bolts and nuts near a compass!

To compare: the Silva 70P on the Valley Pintail with a recess in the deck:

Tip: Lots of Handy Hints on ; very useful site!

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Jörgen COBBER van der Pol said...

Hello Hans,

As you know a lot of people have difficulties with the small standard (Silva 70P) compasses.

Instead I ordered a few weeks ago the Silva 100. We were planning to attatch it at it's original place, only to be a few cm higher. This because the diameter of the compass is bigger than the standard ones.
Our main problem was, that it will be above the deck and could easily be swept away by any kind of wave.

Then I was thinking about Hans (my Kayak-instructor during the Vlieland Gathering). He had it on his front hatch.....
The difference is that Hans had it on top of it, while the Silva 100 has to go throw the hatch, the compasshouse will dissappear half under it.
Would this also be made waterproof?? I think we just have to try, ans see......

At the moment I use a ORCA compass. You can attach it on your deck with elastics....but when you have it close to you (small letters) it makes you very tired. Always looking up and down. And this can make you Seasick.

Regards Jörgen