Thursday, September 28, 2006

Deutsche Seekajakwoche

Still alive, but to busy for blogging lately. Work takes all daytime and the evenings are filled with a lot of administrational kayak-stuff nowadays:
  1. organising the "Zeevaardigheid" (= BCU 4 Star) examination day for the NKB in October;
  2. busy with the taskforce that is doing a long-term review of the standards for "Zeevaardigheid";
  3. preparing the meeting of the NKB Seakayak-coaches in November together with Axel;
  4. lots of work and talking with the ongoing discussion with the authorities about seakayaking in the Voordelta (in two years the whole estuary becomes a so called Sea-reservate…

Tomorrow I am leaving for Germany to join the Seakayak-week of the Salzwasserunion for some days. Looking forward to paddle a 4 days-tour around the “Nordfriesische Inseln” together with Bernhard and an international group of kayakers. Must be fun!
You will hear from me next week!


Anonymous said...

Hello Hans, I learned that Bernhard Hillejan will attend the II Spanish Symposiym from March 31st to April 8th, 2007. I'll be there myself to meet all sort of people. It'd be great if you could just join Bernhard.

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Wenley!

A very tempting suggestion! Seakayaking in Spain: the land of paëlla, flamenco, the costa's, dark eyed beauties and always sunshine + meeting Wenley -> it must be great.

Yesterday Bernhard and I agreed to undertake more kayakactivities together, so why not?
I believe I have to do a serious word with Janine first... Better not directly just after returning from the second multiple-day-kayaktrip in one month ;-)

I am so in doubt for 2007: Spanish Symposium, Jersey, Anglesey... can't do them all!