Sunday, November 05, 2006

Upside down

Yesterday, Saturday evening, was this years first pool session of kayakclub "de Kromme Aar" in Alphen a/d Rijn. I had no coaching or training job to do, so I enjoyed 90 minutes of rolling with the Pintail sea-kayak, the Perception-Sparc ww-kayak, and sevaral polo kayaks. The polo-kayaks are the most fun to roll. Offering a tight fit, low volume and a very flat deck, they roll up with the slightest body movement. You hardly need a hand to perform a handroll. But there still is some work to do to before the straightjacket-roll works with me -:(

I noticed I often closed my eyes while rolling yesterday. I had to force myself to keep eyes open to look around. It's a strange world under water.


bonnie said...

My main Greenland mentor Jack & I were having an upside-down boat-swimming race once. We were doing fine until we happened to look over at each other at the same time. The minute we made eye contact we both started cracking up laughing & then of course we had to roll back up again!

it's definitely different on the dark side!

Hans said...

Hi Bonnie!
An "upside-down boat-swimming race"": brilliant idea!
I must give it a go in the next pool session, now I am just looking for some competitors...