Saturday, December 16, 2006

Compact wheels: the Kayak Trolley - 2

I must adjust last item I wrote about Freya’s Kayak Trolley. I said the wheels are big, but that’s relative (see the picture with a really big wheel above): they are bigger than the wheels ("puppy buggy wheels" according to Freya) of my old trolley (and therefore much better usable on sand!). And about packing: the big advantage of the Kayak Trolley is that the frame packs very compact. This packed frame is much better manageable than the unpractical bent and folded frame of most other trolleys. Frame and wheels of the Kayak Trolley are easily stowed in the kayak cockpit: in my opinion the best place to store them: direct accessible when you need a trolley.

Even in the low volume Valley Pintail-kayak there is plenty of room in the kayak cockpit for the frame and the wheels of the Kayak Trolley. It only takes some minor preparation to create a few points in the cockpit to fasten these parts on a good reachable place. My kayak wasn't prepared yet. And the normally empty room in front of the footrest was completely filled with Bernhards’ Tent. That’s why I decided to use (for the last time) my old trolly (stowed away behind the hatches) during the tour around Borkum and Juist. And now you know why Freya cursed me: we did a lot of kayak-hiking and with the inferior Dutch trolley's we had to do many walks twice ;-( Thanks Freya, for lending your Trolley, and for the good time we had ;-) !!!

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what i like aswell about the maroske-boatcart: it is quiet easily to build if you know somebody doing the welding.
you can find the instructions here: