Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Winter weekend tour

Next Friday I am leaving with Guus for Norddeich-Germany, to meet Bernhard, Freya, Tanja and Nils for a winter-camping tour around the isles Borkum and Juist. Bernhard invited us for this wintertour. A great idea. But Winter? The climate is playing mad lately: temperatures of 13-16 degrees Celsius in early December. So don’t expect any white winterly pictures on this website next week. When you want to see snowy kayak-pictures, check the kayakblogs of Michael or Derrick. In Canada it’s now very cold and Wisconsin suffered extreme snowfall last week (US Deaths by cold were even a item on Dutch TV).
The Dutch weatherforecast for the next few days I heard at the radio was also bizarre: this evening a storm-warning for the coastal region, tomorrow first decreasing and later windy up to 8 Bft, Thursday evening decreasing wind again, followed by a Stromy night, and Friday decreasing winds to moderate winds in the weekend. Perhaps we are lucky and we timed exactly the calm period. Bernhard did some nice suggestions for the trip-planning this weekend, but at the end the weather conditions will determine the routes. That’s seakayaking. Living day by day.
I am looking forward for a nice weekend in good company!

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Michael said...

Anytime good company meets to go paddling, you're sure to have a good time! Please pass my regards to Freya (the only person in the group who I've met!).