Saturday, December 16, 2006

NKB Coach training program

No, this isn’t what you think you see! Here are two top kayak coaches (wildwater on the left, seakayak on the right) undergoing the training program for the new NKB-coaching Style. The NKB uses all means to improve the quality of their staff!

Today was the first of 3 days of the in-service training in guided discovery learning. The new NKB coach training program is set up according to this principle. The workshops on collaborative teaching and coaching by questioning were very instructive and fun. It was a unique occasion to work with 30 Dutch coaches of all kayak- and canoe-disciplines. I am looking forward for the next workshop!


Sea Kayak Mark said...

May I ask what is going on in this exercise?

Also, is there any published in formation on your coaching scheme?

Look like you have an interesting training programme

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Mark! This was a funny exercise: Gerwen and Axel are blinded and competing in piling up sugar cubes. Both are helped by a private coach. It’s all about the interaction between coach and pupil. This little game (mostly) illustrates surprising differences in coaching styles.
The transformation of the scheme “how to become a kayak-coach” is still going on within the NKB. There is a pilot for the basic-kayak-coaches, the path for the sea-kayak coaches is not yet integrated. We plan to do so this year. In the near future I will write about in this blog.

Btw: there is some written information in Dutch. Contact me (or Axel) when you are interested.