Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ocean Paddler Magazine - Issue 1!

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Today Graham Berty sent a mail that Issue No.1 of Ocean Paddler magazine is currently being printed, and it will be ready this coming Friday.
Once it's back, the magazine will be sent straight out to the subscribers first, so hopefully we'll get it into the post either late Friday, Saturday morning, or first thing Monday morning.

For our appetite, Graham attached a sneak preview of what's in the first issue:

Expedition: Rounding Tassie
Jeff Allen
Expedition Planning
Photographic Inspiration
Incident Management
In Search of the Queen of Inch's Glass Covered Coffin
P&H Cetus Sea Kayak
Sea kayaking photography
Stern words: Brian Wilson - Paddle Loudly!

and, much, much more..

  • All the latest news from manufacturers and expeditions;
  • Reviews of Aquabound Paddles, Palm & Yak touring spraydecks, waterproof iPod case and speakers;
  • Rich gets up close and personal with a self heating (or was that self-exploding) curry; and
  • Competition to win Northwater goodies!

What more could you ask for..

You have done a great job Bertie, I am looking forward for my copy!

More info about the new magazine on the Masik website.

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