Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Anglesey 2007 - The best of...

Anglesey 2007
... our pictures".

Finally I have uploaded a selection of the shots Govert and I made during our Anglesey-journey. When you click on the tumbnail above this post, the Picasa-webalbum with the "top 100" from our (more than 450) photos opens. To limit the download-time all pictures are cropped down, the slide-show (press the button - "diavoorstelling") option of Picasa works fast and offers a comfortable way to view the pictures.

The slideshow gives a good impression of the great time at Anglesey. Govert shares the same fascination of taking pictures, it was a delight to have time to concentrate on photographing with a patient "model". I am still very happy with the waterproof Sony DSC-U60 and the Fuji S 5600 long-zoom digicam. The image quality of the Fuji is very good and it offers all an enthusiast user needs in terms of expanded photographic controls, including full Manual exposure mode for ultimate creativity. Some functions are a bit hidden in the menu-structure, but in Anglesey I made a study of the manual and I am getting more and more familiar with the advanced options of the camera. A big advantage of the Fuji above a SLR-camera is it's light weight and compact size: it's is definitely easy to bring along on any outdoor trip (no extra lenses to carry).

Said this, playing around with the SLR's of Govert in Anglesey (Canon 350D) and Andreas (Nikon D200) in Spiekeroog was so much fun that I decided to pick up an old hobby of mine and to buy also a Digital SLR, in favor of the responsiveness, the control with a bright optical viewfinder and the creative possibilities of interchangeable optics. So now I am looking for a SLR with a pair of superb lenses and a Pelibox for transport. Difficult choices to make: should I go for the mainstream Canon or Nikon, an entry-level or a semi-pro version of one of those brands, or for the Pentax (a bit nostalgic, in the early 80's I was fond of the Pentax ME-series) or perhaps the Sony (a bargain with 10 MP, Anti-shake system and sensor-cleaning system)?

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René said...

Hi Hans,

Great that you are experimenting with the layout of your blog.

As the picture on top of the blog yesterday was another one: are you planning to change the picture every day? automatically?

I would like to mention I liked the layout yesterday, with background fields behind the text blocks more then today´s as it seems "so empty" now. (Difficult to explain in english)

Anyhow you inspired me also to fullfill my plans for the header in my own blog. As you probably noticed, I added a header with pictures as well.