Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thunder and lightning

No salt water today! The forecast predicted a hot, steamy day with occasional thunderstorms along the Dutch coastline. No good conditions for the "Seakayak-clinic for starters" KV Wyrda planned today. Gathered by the boathouse at 8.00 am, after a short discussion, Paul, Gus and I decided not to risk 2 hours car-driving for a spoiled day at the coast, but to make a tour around Woerden. Paul was eager to break his personal record of 30 km's paddling on placid water. Gus and I are always in for a longer distance and supported Paul with his goal.
We started with sunshine, but around 10.30 am - not quit by surprise - thunder and lightning came to us. It was quit hefty, we got out of the water and looked for shelter. The picnic place was not the perfect spot to hide, but better then on the water anyhow.
Once more the big orange survival bag proved to be a real versatile piece of equipment: one of us left his anorak at the boathouse....
Facts and figures: we paddled Woerden - Nieuwerbrug-Meije-Zuideinderplas (Nieuwkoop)-Meesloot-Slikkendam-Woerdense Verlaat-Woerden: 36 km's

Half an hour before the thunder came: the Meije is a favorite route for kayakers, cyclists, motorbikers, hikers: always busy on Sunday-morning.

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