Saturday, December 27, 2008

The forward stroke on the kayak ergo...

Two cold days and the water around Woerden is frozen. Ice not solid enough for skating -alas-, but thick enough to hinder the near-house training-paddle. Lucky are the paddlers with an kayak-ergo!

Between video's like "how to make the perfect X-mas pud" and "how to style short dark hair" on I discovered this instructive video on the forward stroke with Trevor Wetherall - former British National Team Paddler and BCU Olympic Coach.


pinkandgeek said...

once I can manage to save the 1500-2000 USD for one of these great toys, I will buy one. So much other good gear though :-)

hans said...

Hi Pinkandgeek!
I am pushing the fitness-studio to get some of these... In the meanwhile this kayaker must help him self with Concept2-rowing machines and Schwinn-spinning bikes. Not to bad either - but I am always in for new toys!