Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No kayaking today: fun on ice...

Schaatsen op de Oostvaardersplassen

It's winter in Holland: skating with friends and family on the Oostvaardersplassen.


Tony said...

I didn't realize it was so cold there. I read the Telegraaf on-line and don't remember the temperature being cold enough to freeze. OK, I see its -7 now. Maybe the Elfstedentocht can be skated this year?

Tony :-)

hans said...

Hi Tony!
It's unique: 2008 was one of the warmest years ever in the Netherlands - and at this very moment (11.00 AM) it's freezing 8 degrees Celsius minus. Normal (average) temp for Dec, 31st is max +5.2, min - 0,5 degr. Celsius. So what about Global Warming? There is something changing, that's for sure!
For this moment - we just enjoy it! It's for the first time since over ten years that I have been skating on "natuurijs" - ice was excellent yesterday - the muscles in feet and lower legs must get used to the skate movement and the balance on "Noren" ;-)
The hype about the chances for a "Elfstedentocht"/"it gaet on" is traditional - but for that event this frost-period won't be strong enough and is to short... (btw: I would definitely need some more training for 200 km non-stop skating...).