Monday, June 15, 2009

The Petrussen Maneuver

Bernhard has recently uploaded a webalbum with his collection of pictures of the Pagaia Seakayak Symposium, including some nice pictures of the rolling demo - Greenland Style.
Above: the Petrussen Maneuver. Greg Stamer has revealed the secrets of this fascinating technique long time ago in an article in Seakayaker Magazine.
Down: two paddlers having fun experimenting synchronicity.
Pictures made by Stephan.


Petra Stolk said...

Hi Hans ! I tried the Petrussen maneuver Wednesday, and it is not too difficult. Main thing is to stay calm. Still I don't know if I find it a comfortable position to keep for a longer time. Probably you need a narrow kayak or a long person for more comfort...

Hans Heupink said...

Hello Petra!

Congratulations on your success with the Petrussen Maneuver. Indeed, once you've got the trick out - it's not too difficult. Some flexibility, wearing a PFD and a roomy cockpit all help - as a matter of fact I find this maneuver easier in a wider kayak - a snug fit hinders - you need to come out of the kayak-seat.

Sien told me your departure for Greenland is already next week: have a good time over there!