Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Roman Ship in Woerden

This afternoon I saw this curious ship moored in the harbour of Woerden . It's a replica of a the ships the Romans used to transport goods on the Rhine (Woerden - Castellum Laurium - was part of the Limes, the northern border of ancient Rome). Around Woerden 7 of these ships have been found, the last one - a very impressive one - in 2003.
The replica looks a bit too new and polished for a transport-vessel, that will alter, but the worst part is in the detail:
Originally these Roman ships were mainly used one way: to bring building material downstream - the vessels floated down the river, assisted by a sail, oars and rudders were used to navigate. Once arrived on location the ships were dismantled, the wood was also used as building material.

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